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A new website and a story of sucess

A new website and a story of success

We want to tell you a success story today. Ser Argentino, a digital media outlet focused on sharing information about Argentina and its culture, revamped its website this year to provide new features and enhance the user experience.

A massive effort was necessary. Seven specialists in design, layout, and programming were required. Launching the finished product took six months, and we are still tweaking it and adding new features. Use the Services of the Top Digital Marketing Company in Pune. You’re probably wondering, “Well… Where’s the success on that?” right now. That’s a valid concern. This is where things get interesting, so buckle up.

Our team of designers generated twenty-five desktop and mobile wireframes, and the site’s iconographies were also overhauled. They also drafted instructions for use. In terms of content management systems, we design roughly twenty-five unique pages. We upgraded the framework from WordPress to Laravel. Digitize Matrix is a leading website development company in Pune, we know how to design digital experiences that are timely, effective, focused on tangible outcomes, and easy to measure.

And now for the exciting part: We designed five different widgets based on the various forms of material. Each one is equipped with special features according to its make-up. Additionally, we added Chinese and Portuguese to its extensive list of supported languages. Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) machine learning was used for all translations.

The story continues! The site’s front page is entirely editable now. We provided the customer with five distinct layout options. They can make copies, transfer them, and alter their format and contents. And while we’re on the subject of material, you can now make large-scale changes to it and organize it in any way you see fit. Gaining employment with a leading digital marketing agency in Pune would propel your career to new heights.

In addition, we built-in features that facilitate natural conversation between readers and writers. Like a private chat room, each author’s profile serves as a mailbox for personal communications from site visitors (readers and fellow writers). Our customers can now more efficiently respond to and manage comments on articles. When someone remarks on the author’s work, they are alerted. This feature facilitates the sharing of thoughts. If you want to expand your company in a crowded market, search engine marketing is a must.

Ultimately, we improve the site’s features so that its success may be evaluated. The newest version of its tagging system makes it possible to monitor the popularity of individual tags, the number of times each tag is clicked, and export this information for marketing initiatives. In addition, articles may now be scored, providing writers with an aggregated mark that can be used to compare their productivity across articles.

Additional enhancements and improvements are currently in development. But for the time being, the site’s speed, image, loading, and content arrangement have all significantly improved.

If you found this article informative, stay tuned to learn more about the SEO and industry-related initiatives we took. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about this project. When looking for a website redesign company in Pune, look for one that provides designs that will last a long time and help a business succeed.

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